Lodge #121 - Current Officers

President Steve Aponte
Vice President Chris Carlson
Secretary/Treasurer Mike Pearson

Trustee Mike Pearson Inner Guard Kirk Homoky
Trustee Simmon Gresser Outer Guard Joe Clemmons
Trustee Mike Teer Chaplain
    Past President Darren Sandilla

Associate Memberships  -  Download Membership Form

The Hobart Fraternal Order of Police is proud to sponsor an Associate member program. You will be working hand and hand with members of the Hobart Police Department in support of our community.

The Hobart F.O.P. is a non-profit organization of local police officers dedicated to making charitable contributions to various community activities. Your yearly dues of $25, which will be due by the first of each year, will go towards sponsoring teams from the youth sports leagues, which include baseball, football, soccer, softball etc… The lodge has also sponsored school-oriented events such as D.A.R.E. band programs, theater, and other cultural experiences. In addition, we have an annual Shop-with-a-Cop for disadvantaged youths at back to school time and a food basket drive at Thanksgiving time for needy families in our community.

All of these activities and many more exceed the annual dues of our members; so your membership into the Hobart Fraternal Order of Police as an Associate member would be greatly appreciated.

For the Associate members there will be a monthly meeting at the beginning of each month. You also will be invited to attend FOP functions such as, golf outing’s, Christmas party’s, Policemen’s ball and FOP smokers.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate member, please fill out the attached petition and return it as soon as possible.

Retired Members

Name Ret. Date Name Ret. Date
Sgt. W. Keller 01-13-1966 Sgt. S. Knopic 01-01-1972
Sgt. R. Raiza 05-05-1973 Chief R. Frank 04-20-1975
Sgt. J. Daniels 01-04-1976 Det. R. Davis 02-18-1980
Sgt. J. Teer 02-12-1982 Sgt. W. Ledyard 07-01-1981
Capt. G. Reese 04-23-1982 Chief W. Woods 07-27-1983
Sgt. L. Burris 02-11-1988 Ptlm. M. Bobele 04-19-1988
Det. D. Topper 03-19-1989 Sgt. R. L. Hammersmith 05-04-1989
Sgt. J. G. Clemmons 06-01-1990 Det. Sgt. S. K. Rettig 08-20-1990
Chief D. Y. Shocaroff 06-05-1993 Chief W. Paulson
Det. Sgt. L. Juzwicki 05-08-1998 Chief R. Kraft
Det. R. Kiefer 05-01-2001 Det. Sgt. G. Bretzke
Sgt. L. Thyne 07-07-2002 Sgt. R. J. Taylor
Sgt. F. Hanson 04-21-2004 Det. Sgt. J. Hicks
Sgt. John Mitchell Sgt. Mike Frank 10-01-2007
Sgt. Brian Snedecor 10-01-2007 Lt. Leo Finnerty 10-01-2007
Det. Sgt. Bobby Jarmula 09-01-2007 Sgt. Bobby Paulson
Kevin Trinosky 9-29-09 Greg Shaginaw
Tom Autterson